Here is what some of our businesses have said about York Heritage properties:

"People are often surprised when we tell them that Autism Society Ontario is located in the Toronto Carpet Factory. To be honest, we weren't quite sure what to expect when we first moved here, but we have not been disappointed by our choice. The space is bright and open, and it lends itself uniquely to business relationships with a community we've come to appreciate and respect. There is an abundance of creative energy and an openness to organizations, like ours, who wish to be part of changing communities by being in them."

Executive Director - Autism Society Ontario

“11 Church Street has it all – character, location and excellent management. It is conveniently located on the fringe of the business district – close enough without being too close. Restaurants, theatre, shopping, transportation and the St. Lawrence Market are just around the corner. The building is well maintained and is decorated to enhance its unique characteristics such as high ceilings, original brick walls and exposed beams, providing both character and atmosphere for our employees. Complement all of these factors with a friendly, caring and efficient management team and we have a very special work environment to offer to our employees.”

President and CEO - CAPREIT

“Moveable has called the Toronto Carpet Factory home since 1983, making us the longest-tenured tenant in the TCF complex. The working environment is wonderful – high ceilings, exposed brick and beams, large operable windows – the Liberty Village neighbourhood is vibrant, and the York Heritage Properties management team has been accommodating and great to work with. They clearly take pride in their properties and it shows. I would not hesitate to recommend the Toronto Carpet Factory to organizations interested in leasing exceptional office space.”

Partner - Moveable and Moveable Online

“The Toronto Carpet Factory has been our home for over fifteen years now and I can’t imagine being in any other building in the city. The building itself provides one of the best and most sought after working atmospheres in the city, allowing us to easily find and retain good people. We started with a tiny 300 sq. ft. space in the basement and have since grown into one of the largest tenants – yet we’ve always been treated as if we were equally as important. It goes without saying, but the building is one of the most incredible and unique properties in the city; however, it’s our relationship with York Heritage Properties that has kept us here, and will continue to keep us here. As a landlord, they go far beyond what anyone who’s ever rented commercial space is accustomed to, and they genuinely care about each and every tenant, the building, and the neighbourhood. I can’t say enough about them, and we owe a big part of our success to them.”

Owners – Beanfield Metroconnect


"I'd say that in my experience most candidates who come in to visit comment immediately on how "cool, funky, and different" our office environment is and that really seems to resonate with them. People spend so much time at work that it really ought to be a comfortable environment that exudes and inspires energy and productivity. It's been a conscious decision o our part over the years to invest in the environmentaly aspects of our employee's workspace."

Senior Recruiter, Human Resources - Softchoice Corporation

“There’s a real down-to-earth feel to the workspaces at the Carpet Factory. A sense that no matter how committed we are to our careers, we’re also people too. People like my employees and clients, who appreciate high ceilings and exposed brick, convenient access to parking and public transit, and the opportunity to work and play in one of Toronto’s fastest-growing creative communities. It really is a great place to attract the right people for me to grow the business.”

Owner - Jam

“Bousfields has been a tenant at 3 Church Street, operating a successful planning consulting practice, since 1993. We appreciate the location here both for the local amenities and for the office space itself. Many of our clients come into our office and love the way York Heritage Properties has incorporated our modern office into a very old building. We have expanded our operations twice by annexing available adjacent offices on the same floor. Over the years York Heritage Properties has maintained and improved our space, as well as all of the common areas, in a very timely and professional manner. I have recommended York Heritage Properties to my friends who were looking for office space as being an exceptional landlord.”

Community Designer - Bousfields Inc.

“The Toronto Carpet Factory has been the home to our interior design studio for over 17 years. We love the location for a multitude of reasons: high ceilings, exposed brick and beams with large, operable windows, all housed within an extremely well maintained and secure building. All of these attributes are complemented by the creative community that exists within each of the buildings. Our team loves the Liberty Village location that is easily accessible by way of public transit and is surrounded by so many artisan shops.

We are in good hands; the building’s management team works to develop a one-on-one relationship with each tenant, continually looking for ways to facilitate the needs and wishes of the community. All of our concerns have been responded to in a timely manner and have been resolved with a high degree of care and thoughtfulness.”